Pests: To Put Them In Their Place

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Mice are cute, when they are not squared up in to your kitchen corner.They are interesting to watch but not when they are all over your wedding dress you thought you had packed away safely in the attic.But, the chances of any encounter with them is likely to be something similar to the above and then you are in no mood for a Nat geo moment! Rats and mice have a way of getting under our skin all year long but then there are some seasonal visitors who think it is alright to set up camp in the garden or the backyard you can opt the mouse traps to remove it. Birds, rabbits. Possums and even snakes, there is one time of the year, mostly during the monsoon season that they trespass in search of shelter to escape the pouring rain and the damp. Or during the really hot times looking to get away from all heat and quench their thirst. Clearing out the yards and open spaces around the house is the most inexpensive way to hold back these animals butthere is no guaranteeing that it will stop them.

Raidar Bird Spikes are suitable not only for residential areas but highly operative for marine and industrial environments. Other deterrents such as the raidar bird reppller is also a very effective pest repeller that keeps birds at bay. For rabbits it’s the traditional cage/ trap that allows the animal to be released back into the open and with possums you can either stick to the good old game of catch and release or opt for something like the electronic Indoor Animal Repeller that is a multi-alert repeller that keeps away unwanted animals from sheds and garages in addition to the house itself. The ultrasonic waves it emits are uncomfortable to the possums, rodents and even cats and dogs and is a proven way to secure a perimeter.

Nobody likes to fool around with snakes. Ideal in snake deterrents are essential in climates such as in Australia where snakes are frequent visitors to human ensure the safety of family, pets and livestock. Many families have sought to install various forms of devices meant to do the trick, ranging from snake proof fences to solar powered gadgets that can be charged with a 5 volt AC adapter on shadier days. Mosquitoes, the most dreaded in the Asian region and the tropics. It is responsible for many deaths yearly causing the ‘’dengue’’ disease. Even the house flies are a menace that cannot seem to be contained.

Did you know that the dragon fly is the common enemy of both male and female mosquitos. Ultrasonic mosquito repellents imitates that very common enemy to ensure a ‘’mosquito free zone’’.