Buying Your First Pet – What You Need To Know

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Most families consider a pet, part of their lives and household. Some adults had cats and dogs as children and they would like to continue the tradition with their kids as well. However some buy animal companions on a spur of the moment and regret it later. Animal shelters are full of this sort of ill-thought decisions. Therefore there are some basic factors to consider before making the buy or even accepting a gift of a domesticated animal.

Do you understand the time factor?

Not very unlike a new baby will kittens and puppies take up a considerable portion of your time. You have to take care of it, bathe it, feed, exercise, socialize and so much more. First consider carefully if you have time for all this. If you buy the animal just to put it in a cage or a kennel and leave it there, that is punishable crime in many animal-lovers’ books. Cats live until they are 12 or 15 and dogs can survive for even more, till about 20 years. Throughout their lives they are going to need your attention, hence, time. Are you prepared for all this? If you are off on a long trip, you can easily leave them at a cat boarding Sydney center but when you are home they will expect your love and care just like a human.

How to care for a pet?

It is your obligation to comprehensively explore the basic necessities of the animal you have chosen. This must be done before deciding to purchase it and taking it home so that you are properly knowledgeable regarding the precise needs of your pet’s species and you’re equipped to take care of it successfully. You can also talk to the breeder or adoption agency you are taking the pet from to get more details on their needs and wants. You must also consider carefully whether you can deliver suitable accommodation for it. This must be thought through now as well as in the future as some dogs, for example gets really big when they are older. Size of your house, garden and areas where you can walk the animal etc. are important factors in defining the suitability as a pet owner, especially for some types of creatures.

Money factor

Affording a domesticated animal is not all about the amount you pay when it is bought. Throughout their lives, you will have to bear the ongoing costs related to food, annual health checks, worming, vet charges, good pet boarding, training, bedding and toys etc. during the life of the pet. If any accident or emergency happens there will be the specific veterinary treatment to pay for as well. Remember of you have ferocious animals as pets, perhaps a dog or even a wild cat, even a law suit is possible under tort law if they bit someone.

An animal companion can bring so much in to your life. Having a pet is immensely rewarding; but you must be suitably equipped to meet its physical, psychological and social needs to make it a better relationship.